Meladerm Cream Reviews – Read This First

If you or your loved ones have ever had to deal with dark spots, discoloration or age spots on your skin then you know how frustrating and embarassing this can be. Even scars can be included in the same category as the above that makes you feel ugly and lose confidence in yourself.

Many products on the market for skin lightening will claim to remove these spots and blemishes but as you may or may not know, they never seem to work or do what the labels say. In fact, they can cause more harm to your skin than if you did not use it at all.

The great news for you is that Meladerm skin lightening cream actually works! You can finally start to get rid of the disclorations in your skin and feel confident in your own skin. Continue reading below for more information or…

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meladerm cream before and after

What Exactly IS Meladerm Anyway?

Meladerm is created by Civant Skin car which has an awesome record of creating products that work and are extremely safe for your skin. This is a skin lightening cream and since it worked so well for me, I decided that I would try and spread the word so that other women can feel comfortable in their own skin!

Meladerm not only works, but it has been proven to be extremely safe as well as effective at getting rid of the skin blemishes that make you uncomfortable. In 2005, this very product earned the Beauty With Science award which prompted the majority of people to call this the best skin lightening cream to hit the market. If you do not want to finish reading this meladerm review, then click on over to the official website to see what you can do today!

How Does Meladerm Work On Your Skin?

For this Meladerm review, I had to go and grab the label as I was not sure exactly what was in it. What I found was that it is full of ingredients that work together to get rid of skin pigmentation and spots over your skin from the very beginning. Here are some of the best ingredients in the bottle.

  • Tego Cosmo C – If you have heard of this it is because it derives from a natural amino acid and will help get rid of any signs of Melasma.
  • Alpha Arbutin – This ingredient does not allow the production of melanin. Because of this, dark age spots and pigmentation will stop forming.
  • Vitamin B3 – We all know that vitamins are good for you and this is no exception! Bitamin B3 is also known as Niacinamide and will lighten the color of the epidermis which is the top layer of your skin.
  • Gigawhite – What we have here is a derivation of plants from Switzerland that help stop pigmentation. To name a few of the plants would be Achillea Millefolium Extract and Melisma Officinalis Leaf Extract. This is a very safe ingredient and should always be used over hydroquinone which is dangerous to use.

Is Hydroquinone Really Dangerous?

There have been many authors over the years that have said that when we are using cosmetic products, we are taking on so many risks that we do not need to. Hydroquinone is a great example of such a risk that we should NOT take.

Since our skin is a living tissue, it will absorb things that it comes in contact with. If you put something that is bad for you on your skin, it will get absorbed and work its way into the bloodstream. Sometimes, this is not removed and can remain inside you. Scary right?

This chemical, hydroquinone has been linked to a cancer risk, poisoning by mercury, as well as many other health issues. But wait, do you want to know the worst side effect? Your skin can start to give off a fish like smell which no one in their right mind wants so please avoid that chemical and go with something all natural like this meladerm review recommends.

The Benefits of Meladerm

  • Get rid of freckles, dark spots, and age spots, even scars!
  • Even out your skin tone
  • Get a lighter skin tone
  • Lighten up dark knee areas and elbows
  • Slowly Diminish skin discoloration

What My Friend Says About Meladerm!

So many people are pleased with Meladerm and are repeat customers but nothing is better than a real life example! So here is a little blurb from my friend Marrie:

Melasma was really upsetting me to a point where I needed to do something about it. A friend recommended that i try MELADERM and when I made the choice to give it a go, I saw results very quickly. I can now look at myself in the mirror and actually smile because I am starting to like the way I look. If normal is a look, then that is me! I was able to get rid of all the discoloration under my eyes and now I have a much lighter skin town. The best part though, is that I used to have all these dark spots on my head near my hairline which I dispised. Thanks to Meladerm cream, these are fading and are hardly noticeable at all!

When Will I See Results?

Each person is going to vary for when they start seeing results. My friend started seeing her positive results in about two weeks time but other people it may take a bit longer such as a month. You should also know that when you buy Meladerm cream, you get a 30 day money back guarantee by the manufacturer. This means that if you do not like the product, simply give the bottle back and you get your money back. Not a bad deal for people who just want to try the cream out!

One Word Of Caution

This cream does contact an acid called Kojic acid so if you have sensitive skin, it could cause a bit of irritation to begin with so use it sparingly.

Where Can I buy Meladerm Cream?

The very best place to buy is from the official company website. This is because you will know that you are getting the product you ordered and not some cheap knockoff. I know it is available other locations such as amazon, but I have personally gotten a bottle that was not legit from there, so get it from the website below. Also know that they may give out discounts or sales when purchasing so keep an eye out for that.

To Conclude

I know it is hard when you have skin issues, but a safe skin lightening cream such as this product is really what you need to cure your issues once and for all. The best part is that it is completely safe and has only safe ingredients, there is no hydroquinone or steroids!

If you have freckles, scars, big pores, or age spots, you should go with a product that was created by scientists that know exactly what is needed to fix the problem.

You have a 30 day money back guarantee with this product so why not give it a try?

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